Sicbo Game And Sicbo Game Rules To Win

Born from the early stages of formation and development in Casinos, Sicbo game is a game known as the legend of legends. Please follow the article below to join 90jili in finding the Sicbo game rules to win this legendary game.

What is Sicbo game?

What is Sicbo game?

Sicbo game is the international name of the folk game called Tai Xiu. This is an attractive game thanks to the simplicity of the rules when you only need to rely on the results of 3 dice to come to a winning conclusion. Players will bet on the doors to calculate the probability of the Sicbo Rule falling on that door to win.

  • Over: When the total score of 3 dice is equal to or greater than 11 points, for example 4-6-5, the total is 15 points – Over. If you bet Over, you bet 1 to 1
  • Under: When the total score of 3 dice is less than 11 points, for example 3 dice are 2,3,5 total 10 points – Under. If you choose Under, win 1 and bet 1.
  • Double Pair: When there are 2 dice with the same number of points. If you choose this door, bet 1 to get 8.
  • Any set of three treasures: When you choose this door, you predict that 3 dice will have the same value, so bet 1 will receive 30.
  • Specific Triple Gem: When you choose this door and receive 1 to 200 if the 3 dice have the same value and you can guess what this specific value is.
  • Guess the total score: In addition, you can predict the winning rate on the total score to win a larger reward than normal Sic Bo.
  • Guess the dice value: You can win more money if you predict the correct value of a dice.

Overview of sicbo game rules

Overview of sicbo game rules

The rules of sicbo are understood as the techniques that you need to understand to apply in your sicbo playing style. If you know how to apply techniques accurately and professionally, winning the sicbo game “throne” will happen sooner or later.

To firmly grasp and easily discover the Sicbo game rules, you need to have time and train yourself to be persistent. You must pay close attention to easily discover the Sicbo game rules in the game. Especially for those who do not have much experience, it is often not easy to grasp each sicbo rule.

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Common Sicbo game rules for brothers

Common Sicbo game rules for brothers

Sicbo game rules for betting Over/Under

With this sicbo rule, you will need to base your bets on the bets that appear most frequently in sicbo and place bets. More specifically, in the Over/Under Sicbo game rules, over/under are determined to be the two bets with the highest frequency. Therefore, you need to observe the odds as well as see the probability of return in how many bets to place.

According to the experience shared by experts, single bets in sicbo are very rare. Therefore, you should not bet on this door. Even though the house sets the payout level at this door very high, the payout rate is very low.

Sicbo rule 4 hit 3

One of the Sicbo game rules most chosen by players is the 4 win 3 rule. When you discover this rule exists in your bet, quickly apply it as follows:

This 4 win 3 sicbo rule means you will have up to 4 categories to bet on. Furthermore, these items are arranged in alternating order. You will start betting on 1 to 2 categories. In this case, your chances of winning and taking profits will be high when the couple does not appear.

Therefore, when applying this sicbo rule, you need to observe carefully. In case couples appear consecutively, please avoid risks by changing other Sicbo game rules to apply.

Sicbo game rules for betting on scores

This sicbo rule appears relatively frequently in sicbo games. Therefore, please pay attention. Many people who do not have much experience often have the notion of betting based on their preferences and emotions, without setting any rules for themselves.

In case the sicbo bet has a big – small result combined with betting on the score, you will be able to detect singles and doubles more accurately. At that time, you should place your bets immediately.

According to this sicbo rule, you will be able to choose 14 categories. In particular, major/minor will account for half, the remaining half will be single/double. In addition, there are still 3 to 4 categories you can bet on at a rate of 6 times.

Besides, when you discover chasing dragons, this is a beneficial and safe sign for you. Because you can determine the score that appears continuously for several games, you can place bets right away. Normally, the score in 3 consecutive games will not tend to change. Therefore, you can place bets comfortably. This sicbo rule will also bring you a relatively high payout rate.

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You can easily see that the group 6 3 3 2 2 1 has a relatively small player betting ratio. The occurrence rate here is also underestimated. However, in return, the house’s payout ratio of 1 to 5 is also relatively good.  But this group will have strong rules, you can rely on them to make the most profitable bets for you.

Sicbo game rules for single point betting

This single point betting sicbo rule is shared by many bettors to bring relatively high profits. Therefore, when you see single/double, major/minor, put it on the single point. Then, if this point comes out continuously, your choice to bet on a single point will be relatively safe, and the payout ratio will also bring you huge profits.

Thus, we can see that the Sicbo game rules are relatively diverse. You need to understand each rule clearly to achieve high results when playing sicbo. If you do not understand these rules of sicbo, it will be difficult to build an effective playing strategy for yourself. Hopefully, through the above information about the Rules of Sicbo, you will gain useful knowledge and choose the most suitable strategy for yourself.

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